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St. Rita of Cascia is the patron saint of impossible causes and desperate situations, including marriage problems. Her powerful intercession is often sought by couples who are struggling with the issues that can arise in a relationship. Through her prayers, many couples have been able to find solace and strength to work through their difficulties and restore their marriages. This prayer to St. Rita can be said as a couple, or individually, asking for her intercession in your marriage.St. Rita’s Prayer for Marriage is a prayer asking for God’s grace and guidance in marriage. It reads as follows: “O God of all goodness, grant that I, with my spouse, may live together in peace and harmony. Grant us the grace to bear with each other’s weaknesses and faults, to forgive one another’s failings, and to find in each other the companionship and love we both so earnestly desire. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

The Benefits of Praying to St Rita for Marriage

St. Rita is a beloved saint and patron of impossible causes. Praying to her for assistance in marriage has been a tradition for many centuries. Though marriages have changed over the years, the need for help in finding a partner or maintaining a strong relationship remains. Here are some of the benefits of praying to St. Rita for marriage:

Finding A Partner: Praying to St. Rita can help those struggling to find an ideal partner. She is believed to open the way to true, lasting love and can guide those searching for it down the right path.

Strengthening Relationships: Praying to St. Rita can also help strengthen existing relationships by helping couples reconnect with each other and rekindle their love for one another.

Enduring Difficulties: No marriage is perfect and difficulties are bound to arise from time to time. Praying to St. Rita can help couples endure these difficult times by giving them strength and hope.

Promoting Forgiveness: When hurt and resentment builds up, it can be difficult for couples to forgive one another. Through prayer, St. Rita can help couples move past this hurt and forgive each other, allowing them to move forward together.

Providing Comfort: In times of distress, praying to St. Rita can provide comfort and solace in knowing that someone is looking out for the best interests of your marriage.

Praying to St. Rita for marriage has been an ongoing tradition throughout history, providing comfort and guidance during times of need or distress in relationships. By seeking her assistance, couples can find love, strengthen their bond, endure difficulties together, forgive one another more easily, and receive comfort in knowing that someone is watching over them as they navigate through life together

How to Pray the St Rita Prayer for Marriage

St Rita is the patron saint of impossible causes, so it is believed that her prayer can help strengthen a marriage and bring couples closer together. The St Rita prayer is a traditional Catholic prayer that has been used for centuries to ask for assistance in difficult times. Here are some tips on how to pray the St Rita prayer for marriage:

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• Begin by asking God for his grace and guidance. Ask Him to help you and your spouse find strength and guidance in your relationship.

• Make sure to thank God for His many blessings and ask Him to grant you both peace and joy in your marriage.

• Ask St Rita to intercede on your behalf, and ask her to help you both overcome any obstacles that may be standing in the way of a happy, healthy marriage.

• End the prayer by praying that God will bless your marriage with love, understanding, patience, joy, and peace.

Praying the St Rita Prayer for Marriage can be an effective way to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and bring you closer together. If you are having difficulties in your marriage, consider praying this prayer regularly as an act of faith in God’s power to restore harmony and peace within your relationship.

The Power of the St Rita Prayer

The power of the St Rita prayer is undeniable. It has been used for centuries as a way to ask for help and guidance in difficult times. This powerful prayer can be used to ask for protection, healing, strength, and grace. St Rita is often referred to as the Patron Saint of the Impossible, and her powerful intercession is said to be able to work miracles in people’s lives.

The St Rita prayer can be used for any situation, whether it’s asking for protection from harm or seeking guidance and comfort in difficult times. It is also known for its ability to heal physical ailments and illnesses. The power of the St Rita Prayer comes from the belief that it brings spiritual healing and peace of mind.

St Rita’s intercession has been used in many difficult situations, including overcoming addictions and other life-altering problems. Her compassionate intercession has been credited with bringing peace to troubled marriages, helping people find jobs, giving courage during medical treatments, and providing hope during times of depression and anxiety.

Though there is no scientific proof that the power of prayer works miracles, many people believe that if they are sincere in their prayers and have faith in God’s love, then they will receive help when they need it most. Praying the St Rita Prayer can provide comfort during life’s toughest moments as well as strength to face each day with faith and hope.

Understanding the Meaning Behind the St Rita Prayer for Marriage

Saint Rita of Cascia was a 14th century Augustinian nun. She is considered to be a patron saint of impossible causes, and is often invoked for help in desperate situations. Her powerful prayer for marriage has been used by couples throughout the centuries to ask God to bless their union. The prayer asks for guidance, protection, and assistance in dealing with marital issues.

The first part of the prayer speaks of God’s love and protection: “Grant that we may live together in peace, kindness, and true charity.” This acknowledges that no human relationship can be perfect without divine intervention. It also expresses a desire to live together in harmony, understanding, and mutual respect.

The second part of the prayer asks for strength in times of adversity: “Grant that we may always bear one another’s burdens.” This reminds us that it is important to be there for each other during difficult times. No matter what hardships life throws at us, we should remain united and support each other through it all.

The third part speaks of humility in marriage: “Grant that we may ever seek God’s will together.” This reminds us to always seek God’s will when making decisions together as a couple. We should not make decisions based on pride or selfishness but rather on what is best for our relationship and our future as a family.

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The fourth part speaks of hope: “Grant that each day will bring new opportunities for growth.” This reminds us to never give up hope in our marriage even when things seem difficult or hopeless. With faith and perseverance, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way as long as we are willing to work hard at it.

The St Rita prayer is an inspiring reminder of what a strong and healthy marriage should look like. By invoking the power of this prayer, couples can remind themselves to remain united despite any obstacle they face along their journey together. May this powerful prayer bring blessings upon your marriage!

Who is Saint Rita and Why She Is Called The Patron Saint of Impossible Causes?

Saint Rita of Cascia is a patron saint of impossible causes. She lived in the early 1400s and was a widow who dedicated her life to God. Later she joined an Augustinian convent and devoted herself to a life of prayer and service to the sick and poor. Her reputation for miracles began while she was still alive, when she reportedly received stigmata, a phenomenon that has been associated with religious or spiritual figures.

Rita is known as the “Patron Saint of Impossible Causes” because of her ability to intercede on behalf of those with seemingly impossible requests. People have invoked her intercession in cases involving infertility, family feuds, financial troubles, health issues, and more. It is believed that Jesus Christ himself answered one of her prayers by providing a miraculous solution to an otherwise impossible situation.

The Catholic Church officially declared Saint Rita as the patron saint of impossible causes in 1900. Since then, many people have turned to her for help when facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles or challenges in their lives. Her name has become synonymous with hope in times of despair and faith in times of uncertainty.

Devotees have built shrines and churches dedicated to Saint Rita all over the world, and millions continue to pray for her intercession each year. She remains a powerful symbol for those who believe in miracles—and for anyone seeking divine guidance when things seem hopeless.


The most powerful way to apply the power of St Rita’s prayer in your life is through prayer. Praying to St Rita can bring about miracles in your life. She is known for her intercession and miraculous help in difficult times. It has been said that she will not let any of her faithful devotees go unanswered. Praying to her can help you find answers to difficult problems, healing of physical and emotional ailments, and spiritual enlightenment.


Another way to apply the power of St Rita’s prayer is through meditation. Through meditation you can open yourself up to divine grace and guidance from St Rita. You can use mantras or affirmations related to her while meditating in order to connect with her energy and receive guidance from her. Meditation can also help you focus on your inner spiritual development, allowing you to become more connected with the divine and receive insight from St Rita.


Expressing gratitude is another powerful way to apply the power of St Rita’s prayer in your life. By expressing gratitude for all that you have, it helps bring more positive energy into your life. It also helps open yourself up to receiving even more blessings from St Rita as she responds positively when we show our appreciation for what we have been given.

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Serving others is a great way to apply the power of St Rita’s prayer in your life as it shows our commitment and love for others. By serving others, we demonstrate our belief in the interconnectedness of all beings, which will bring us closer into alignment with the divine and open us up to receiving blessings from St Rita.


Making sacrifices for others is another way that we can apply the power of St Rita’s prayer in our lives. When we make sacrifices for those around us or for a greater purpose, it shows our faith in God and our dedication towards serving Him faithfully. Making sacrifices will also help us become more forgiving of ourselves and others, opening us up further to receive blessings from St Rita.

Praying for a Spouse with St Rita’s Help

St Rita of Cascia is an Italian saint who is known for her intercession in matters of marriage. She is the patron saint of impossible, desperate, and hopeless causes. She is the perfect saint to turn to when praying for a spouse. Many people have found comfort and help in her guidance when praying for a spouse.

Prayers to St Rita can be made with faith and hope that she will help find the right spouse or strengthen an existing relationship. Here are some prayers to St Rita when praying for a spouse:

  • Dear St Rita, I pray that you will guide me towards the right person to marry.
  • Dear St Rita, grant me patience and understanding as I wait for my future spouse.
  • Dear St Rita, please intercede on my behalf and help me find true love.

In addition to prayers, there are other ways to ask for St Rita’s help when looking for a spouse. One way is by lighting a candle in her honor or carrying around an object that has been blessed with her image on it. Those who feel they need more assistance can visit shrines dedicated to her or look into joining prayer groups devoted to her intercession.

No matter how someone chooses to pray or ask for assistance from St Rita, they will be comforted knowing that she hears their prayers and cares about their situation. Praying with faith and dedication can help bring about the desired outcome; whether it be finding the right person to marry or strengthening an existing relationship.


St. Rita prayer for marriage is a powerful tool for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. It can help couples to deepen their love and devotion to each other, as well as provide guidance on how to maintain a healthy and happy marriage. Its focus on restoring peace within families and marriages ensures that even in the most difficult times, couples can still find hope and solace in the words of St. Rita’s prayer. The power of this prayer is in its ability to provide comfort and guidance, helping couples to stay strong in their commitment to one another.

St. Rita’s prayer for marriage is an invaluable resource for those looking to build a strong and lasting union between two people. By committing themselves to the words of this prayer, couples can nurture their relationship, helping them grow together in a loving and faithful relationship that will last a lifetime.


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