Prayer for Today, May 24

by Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Strength

Loving God, I come to you today asking for your strength. Life has been difficult lately and I feel weak in my faith. Help me to be brave and to find the courage that I need in order to keep going. Give me the power to face all of my trials with grace and perseverance.

Help me to remember that nothing is impossible for you, and that even when I feel like giving up, you will never leave my side. Lift up my spirits when I am feeling down, and encourage me to take each day as it comes. Let me turn towards you when life’s burdens feel too heavy for me to bear.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will fill me with the strength and the wisdom that I need in order to carry on. Guide my steps so that they are firm and steady, even when the path ahead looks uncertain. Be a source of light in my darkness, helping me through any difficulties that may arise.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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