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Prayer is an important part of any family meeting. It allows us to remind ourselves of the blessings we have been given and to ask for guidance as we make decisions that affect our family. Prayer can also bring us all together, allowing us to focus on our common goals and values and to create a more unified atmosphere in the room. By taking a few moments to pray before starting the meeting, we can open up our hearts and minds for productive discussion.Heavenly Father,
We come together today to thank You for the blessing of family. We are gathered here for this meeting and ask that You would be present with us, guiding our discussions and decisions as we seek to honor You.

We humbly ask that You would give us wisdom and discernment in our conversations, so that our actions and words will be pleasing to you. May each one of us in this room be filled with Your love and peace, so that we can show it to each other.

Help us to remember the importance of coming together as a family, and the blessings of unity it brings. Let our conversations be productive and constructive, so that we can work together towards a common goal.

Above all else, please help us to remember that Your will is greater than anything we could ever imagine or plan for ourselves. We thank You for Your guidance and protection over our family, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Benefits of Praying Together as a Family

Praying together as a family is an important part of many families’ religious life. It can be a great source of comfort, strength, and closeness for the entire family. When families pray together, they can share their joys and sorrows with each other, as well as foster a sense of unity and relationship. Here are some of the benefits of praying together as a family:

  • Strengthens Family Bonds: Praying together helps to strengthen the bonds between family members by providing an opportunity to discuss shared values and beliefs. It also creates an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, which can lead to better communication and better relationships.
  • Provides Comfort: Praying together provides comfort to those in the family who are struggling with difficult circumstances. It helps to remind them that they are not alone in their struggles, that God is present with them in every trial.
  • Teaches Values: Praying together teaches children about values such as respect, humility, gratitude, kindness, and compassion. It also helps them understand that God is always there for them in times of need.
  • Creates Spiritual Unity: When families pray together regularly, it creates a spiritual unity among all members. This can help foster an understanding that no matter how different individual beliefs may be, everyone is still part of the same family.
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Praying together as a family has many benefits for all involved. It strengthens relationships between family members by providing an opportunity to express shared beliefs and values. It gives comfort in difficult times by reminding those in need that they are never alone. And it teaches children important values while helping to create spiritual unity within the family unit.

How to Prepare for a Family Prayer Meeting?

Preparing for a family prayer meeting can be an enjoyable process. It can bring people together and create an atmosphere of love and understanding. Here are some tips to help you get started with preparing for your family prayer meeting:

  • Choose a Theme: Choose a theme that resonates with your family and reflects the message you want to share. Consider topics such as forgiveness, faith, hope, faithfulness, or thankfulness.
  • Gather Supplies: Gather the supplies you need such as Bibles, notebooks, pens, markers, and other materials that will help keep everyone engaged and focused.
  • Encourage Participation: Encourage everyone in the family to participate in the prayer meeting. You can do this by assigning specific roles (e.g., lead prayer, read scripture) or by having everyone contribute in some way.
  • Plan Your Prayers: Plan out the prayers you want to include in your meeting. This will help focus your thoughts and give everyone an idea of what to expect during the meeting.
  • Invite Others: Invite other relatives or friends who may not be part of your immediate family but who would benefit from participating in the prayer meeting.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having a meaningful and rewarding family prayer meeting. When done right, it can be an incredible bonding experience for all involved!

What Can We Pray For During a Family Meeting?

Family meetings are a great opportunity to pray together as a family. Praying together can bring everyone closer together and strengthen the bonds of family. Here are some ideas of what you can pray for during your family meeting:

For Each Other: Pray for each other’s physical, mental, and spiritual health. Pray that each person in the family would be strengthened in their faith, have joy and peace, and be blessed with wisdom and understanding.

For Your Community: Pray for those in your community who are struggling with illness or poverty. Pray for comfort and healing for those who are suffering. Pray also for peace and justice in your community, that all people would be treated equally.

For Worldly Issues: Pray for those facing violence or oppression around the world. Ask God to bring an end to wars and conflicts, that all people might live in peace. Pray also that governments would have wisdom as they work to provide justice and safety for all citizens of the world.

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For Your Church: Ask God to bless your church with strength and growth, as well as unity among its members. Pray that everyone in the church would come to know Jesus more deeply, and live out their faith more fully.

Praying together during family meetings is a wonderful way to connect with God and each other. Take time to thank God for his blessings on your family, ask forgiveness when needed, and ask Him to guide you on your journey together as a family.

Ideas for Prayers During Family Meetings

Prayers can be a meaningful part of family meetings and can bring everyone together in a shared moment of reflection and hope. Here are some ideas for prayers during family meetings:

A Prayer for Gratitude: Lord, we thank you for the blessings we have in our lives. We are grateful for our health, our families, and the opportunities we have been given. Help us to recognize these blessings each day and to use them to make the world a better place. Amen.

A Prayer for Guidance: Lord, please guide us in our discussions today and lead us to make wise decisions that will benefit all of us. Help us to view each other with love and understanding as we work together towards common goals. Amen.

A Prayer of Hope: Lord, fill us with hope for our future and help us to remember that all things are possible when we come together in love and faith. Give us strength as we work towards making a better life for ourselves and those around us. Amen.formal and polite.

Opening Prayer for Family Meetings

O Lord, we thank You for this special time that we are able to come together to discuss and decide on matters of importance. We ask that You guide us with Your wisdom, love, and grace. Grant us the strength of mind and spirit to make decisions that are fair, just, and beneficial for all. Amen.

Closing Prayer for Family Meetings

Lord, thank You once again for the time spent together in discussion and debate. We ask Your blessing on the decisions made today as they have been made with an open heart and a spirit of understanding. Keep our family safe and strong throughout the coming days as we work together to achieve our goals. Amen.

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise for Family Meetings

We thank thee, Lord, for the opportunity to come together as a family in this time of prayer. We thank thee for the love and support we have received from one another, and we are grateful for the moments that we have shared together during these meetings.

We give thanks for the peace and joy that comes with gathering in prayerful unity, knowing that our faith can bring us closer together. We acknowledge your presence in our lives and offer our praises as an act of worship.

We thank thee for hearing our prayers and meeting our needs according to thy will. We thank thee for giving us strength and courage to face the challenges of life with hope. Let us use these family meetings to grow in faith, knowledge, understanding, compassion, and service towards one another.

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As we come together to pray, may we be reminded of your love and mercy on us all. Let us take this time to express gratitude for your grace upon us all. May these family meetings be a place where we can find comfort, strength, healing, hope, peace, joy, and ultimately guidance from you Lord. Amen!

Prayers of Supplication During Family Meetings

Prayers of supplication can be a powerful tool for family meetings. Prayers of supplication are a way to seek guidance from God, asking Him to direct and guide the discussion and bring clarity to the situation. Prayers can also provide an opportunity for family members to express their needs and concerns to God and ask for His help in resolving them. In addition, praying as a family can be a way to build unity among members by allowing everyone to give voice to their thoughts, feelings, and needs in the presence of God.

When using prayers of supplication during family meetings, it is important that everyone take part in the prayer. Allowing each person’s voice to be heard can help create an atmosphere of respect and understanding as family members come together. It is important that everyone have an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs before the prayer begins. Additionally, when praying together, it is helpful for everyone to pause after each request so that each person can reflect on what they just said before moving on.

It is also important that all prayers remain focused on asking God for guidance and support rather than making demands of Him or others. Praying with humility and gratitude will help ensure that the prayer remains focused on seeking God’s wisdom rather than trying to impose one’s own desires or agenda. Finally, when ending the prayer it is helpful for each person in attendance to thank God for His presence and guidance before concluding with “Amen” or “Hallelujah”.


Prayer is an important part of any family meeting. It helps us to focus on what’s really important and to give thanks for all that we have. Prayer also reminds us to be mindful of our words and actions, and to strive towards a better future for our family. Taking the time to pray together builds a strong foundation of communication and trust between all members of the family.

In conclusion, prayer is an invaluable tool that can be used during family meetings to bring us together, build stronger relationships, and encourage each other in our daily lives. If your family doesn’t already practice prayer at its meetings, give it a try! You might be surprised at the amount of peace and joy it can bring.


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