Prayer for Today, September 6

by Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Strength and Guidance

Almighty God, I come before you today asking for strength and guidance. I know that with Your help I can accomplish anything. You have given me the gift of life and the ability to make choices, and I thank You for that.

Give me strength and courage to face my challenges with confidence, so that I may grow in wisdom and understanding. Help me to accept responsibility for my actions, no matter how difficult they may be. Let me use Your teachings as a guide when making decisions, that I may find peace in Your presence.

Let me turn to You when I am feeling lost or confused, so that You may comfort me in times of distress. Help me to put my trust in You and to release all fear from my heart. Bless me with the patience to wait for Your guidance on the path before me.

Give me strength when I feel weak, so that I may stay focused on Your divine plan for my life. Let Your love be a light in the darkness of doubt and anxiety. Guide me through this journey of life with love, grace, and mercy. Amen.

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