Prayer for Today, September 28

by Prayer for Today

Thankful for Blessings

Lord, we thank You for this day and all its many blessings. We are grateful for the gift of life and the opportunity to experience this wonderful world. We are thankful for our families, loved ones and friends who give us support and love. We are also thankful for our health, strength, and ability to be productive in our lives.

We thank You for the abundance that You provide us with in various forms – our jobs, homes, material possessions, food on the table – all of these come from Your gracious hand. We thank You for the beauty of nature that surrounds us – the trees, plants, flowers, animals – they bring us so much joy.

We thank You Lord for Your guidance and protection in times of trouble and uncertainty. We know that without Your loving presence we would not be able to get through life’s challenges. Thank You for always being there to listen when we need it most.

Lord, we thank You from the depths of our hearts for all these blessings and more. May we always be mindful of how abundantly blessed we truly are! Amen.

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