Prayer for Today, September 21

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Prayer for Today, September 21

Dear Heavenly Father,
We come to You on this day asking for Your guidance and protection. As we go through our daily lives, we know that You are with us, supporting us and helping us to make the right decisions. We recognize how fleeting life can be and how quickly things can change. We thank You for Your constant presence in our lives.

We ask that You would protect us from anything that could bring harm or destruction into our lives. Please give us strength and courage in times of trouble and help us to remain steadfast in our faith. Help us to stay focused on the good things You have provided for us and help us to stay away from temptations that could lead away from Your will.

We pray that You would bless those around us, especially those who are struggling or hurting in any way. Please fill their hearts with hope and provide them with comfort and peace in their time of need. Finally, we ask that You would use each of our lives for Your glory. Help us to be a light in the darkness so that others may come to know You through our words and actions. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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