Prayer for Today, February 6

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Prayer for Today, February 6

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your amazing grace and mercy. You love us so much and care for our every need. We come to You today in humble prayer, asking that You would continue to be with us and guide us in all that we do.

Help us to be patient when life is hard, trusting in Your plan for our lives and the hope that You have given us. Soften our hearts and open our eyes to the beauty of Your creation around us. May we find joy in the small things, not worrying about what tomorrow brings.

Give us courage to do what’s right, even when it’s difficult. Help us to stand strong against those who oppose Your will and choose Your ways over our own desires. Give us strength when we feel weak, faith when we are discouraged, and guidance when we feel lost.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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