Prayer for Today, December 14

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Prayer for Today, December 14

Almighty God, we thank you for your presence in our lives. We come before you today, humbly asking for your help and guidance. As we face the challenges of life, we seek your comfort and strength. Help us to be patient as we face the difficulties that come our way. Provide us with wisdom and courage to make decisions that honor you and benefit others.

We also ask that you guide us as we strive to live according to your will. Give us the determination to stay on the path that leads to your blessings. Let us remember that all good things come from You, and help us never lose faith when times are tough. May our faith in You remain strong in all circumstances, and may our trust in You be unwavering even when faced with adversity.

We also ask that you protect those who are vulnerable among us: the sick, the elderly, and those who are facing financial hardships during this time of crisis. Help them to find peace and hope in Your love, so they may know they are not alone. May Your grace be with them as they go through their struggles.

We thank You for all these blessings today, Lord God Almighty! Amen.

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