Prayer for Today, August 12

by Prayer for Today

A Prayer for Today, August 12

Lord, we thank you for this day that you have made. We come before you with humble hearts and ask for your guidance and protection over us. Give us strength to face our challenges and courage to stay on the path of righteousness. Help us to be mindful of our words and actions, so that we may bring glory to your name. Enable us to be generous with our love and grace, so that those around us will feel your presence through us.

We thank you for all the blessings in our lives and pray that we may use them in ways that are pleasing to you. Help us to recognize the needs of those around us and respond with compassion. Grant us wisdom in how we use our money, time, and resources so that they may be put to good use. May we be good stewards of all the blessings you have given us.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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