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The Guardian Angel Prayer for kids is a beautiful and simple prayer that can help bring peace, comfort, and protection to your child. It is believed that each person has a guardian angel who watches over them and provides guidance in times of need. This prayer can help children feel their angel’s presence and ask for their help in difficult times. As your child grows and learns how to pray, this short prayer can help them develop a lasting relationship with their guardian angel.Heavenly Father, please send your guardian angel to watch over my child. Let the angel be a loving companion, protecting and guiding them through life’s uncertainties. Give the angel strength to keep them safe from harm and give them courage to face any adversity. Help the angel to walk beside them each step of the way, teaching them to make wise decisions and leading them in right paths. Let the angel whisper words of comfort when they are feeling lost or alone. Thank you for sending your loving angel to protect my child. Amen.

Benefits of Praying to Guardian Angels for Children

Praying to guardian angels can provide invaluable benefits for children. It can help them develop a sense of security and protection as they learn to trust in something larger than themselves. This type of prayer encourages children to feel connected with their spiritual side and gives them an opportunity to express their faith in divine guidance. Through guardian angel prayers, children can take comfort in knowing that there is a loving presence watching over them at all times.

Praying to guardian angels also teaches children the importance of gratitude and thankfulness. By recognizing the divine blessings they receive, children can begin to recognize the good things that come into their lives and appreciate them more deeply. They can also learn how to better express their gratitude for these blessings. Through prayer, children can become more connected with the higher power that provides these blessings.

Finally, praying to guardian angels helps instill values such as self-discipline and respect for others in young minds. By learning about the divine wisdom and guidance offered through prayer, children gain valuable insight into how they should conduct themselves. It helps them develop healthy boundaries for behavior and fosters a sense of responsibility for their actions. Prayer also teaches children how important it is to be kind and compassionate towards others, which is essential for developing strong relationships with peers.

In summary, praying to guardian angels offers many wonderful benefits for children, including a sense of security, increased thankfulness, and an appreciation for values like self-discipline and respect for others.

What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a spiritual being assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. In many religious traditions, angels are said to be celestial or heavenly beings, sent from God to protect and watch over people. It is believed that guardian angels are assigned to each individual at the time of their birth, and they remain with them throughout their lives. The role of the guardian angel is to provide guidance and protection in times of need, helping people make wise decisions and avoid dangerous situations. They also bring comfort and solace in times of grief or stress.

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Guardian angels are often seen as messengers from God, providing divine guidance and wisdom for those who seek it. They often appear in dreams or visions, providing words of comfort or advice. Additionally, they can be invoked through prayer or meditation in order to receive assistance from the divine realm. While guardian angels cannot directly intervene on behalf of a person, they can provide insight into how best to handle certain situations.

The History of Guardian Angels

The concept of guardian angels has been around for centuries and is found in many religions. The belief in guardian angels is an ancient one; they are thought to have been mentioned as far back as the 3rd century BC by the Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria. In the Christian tradition, angels are considered to be divine beings that serve as protectors and guardians of individuals or nations. Throughout the Bible, they are seen as messengers from God who help humans in times of need.

In modern times, the belief in guardian angels continues to be widespread, with many people believing that their lives are being watched over and protected by a higher power. It is believed that each person has one or more guardian angels assigned to them at birth, and these angels stay with them throughout their life, providing guidance and protection. Some people even believe that they can communicate with their guardian angel and ask for help when needed.

Although there is no scientific proof for the existence of guardian angels, many people still believe in them and feel comforted by the thought of being watched over by a divine being. This belief has been strengthened by stories from people who claim to have had experiences where an angel appeared to them or intervened on their behalf in some way. Whether or not these stories are true, it can be said that having faith in something greater than ourselves can bring peace and comfort during difficult times.

Most Popular Prayers to the Guardian Angels

Prayer is an important part of a believer’s life. Praying to the guardian angels is a way for us to connect with them and ask for their protection. Here are some of the most popular prayers to the guardian angels:

1. Prayer for Protection:
O most holy guardian angel, appointed by God to be my guardian, direct and rule me this day, that I may be filled with the confidence of thy loving care and protection. Amen.

2. Prayer for Guidance:
O glorious St Michael, prince of the heavenly host, be my safeguard in all temptations and my assistance in all my necessities; defend me from every evil that assaults me and direct all my thoughts, words and actions according to your holy will. Amen.

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3. Prayer for Strength:
Almighty God, grant that I may ever live in your presence under the protection of my guardian angel; grant that I may always serve you faithfully and strive after perfect holiness in thought, word and deed; grant that I may faithfully observe your holy will in all things; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

4. Prayer for Comfort:
O gracious Lord, who has appointed heavenly spirits to protect us from all danger, grant that I may ever invoke their aid with humble confidence; grant that they may ever guide me with wise counsels in all things pertaining to body and soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Introducing the Guardian Angel

The concept of a guardian angel can be introduced to children as a special angel who watches over them and helps keep them safe. Explain that they do not have to see their guardian angel, but it is always there with them. Remind children that their guardian angel loves them and wants what is best for them.

Explaining the Role of a Guardian Angel

Explain to children that their guardian angel watches over them and helps them make good choices. It is important to stress that while the guardian angel can help guide and protect the child, it does not replace parents or other adults in their lives. Explain that praying to their guardian angel can help give them courage and strength when they need it most.

Praying to the Guardian Angel

When teaching a child how to pray to a guardian angel, it is important to keep things simple. Encourage the child to talk out loud, or even whisper, so they can feel connected with their guardian angel. Some examples of prayers they could say include:

  • “Dear Guardian Angel, please watch over me today.”
  • “Dear Guardian Angel, please give me strength when I’m feeling scared.”
  • “Dear Guardian Angel, thank you for being with me.”

Once children become comfortable talking out loud or whispering prayers, encourage them to pray silently in their heads as well. Remind children that they don’t have to worry about saying the ‘right’ words – simply talking from the heart will work just fine!

How Often Should Children Pray to Their Guardian Angels?

It is recommended that children pray to their guardian angels as often as they would like. While there is no set amount of times that is recommended, it can be helpful to have a regular practice. This can help children develop a connection with their guardian angel and learn how to recognize the signs that they are being guided by them.

Prayers can take many forms, from simple words of gratitude and requests for guidance, protection, and strength, to more elaborate rituals or meditations. It’s important for children to find the type of prayer that works best for them. For example, some may prefer writing down their prayers in a journal or speaking aloud in order to better connect with their guardian angel and receive messages more clearly.

For younger children who may not yet know how to pray or what words to use, it’s important to keep it simple. Encourage them to talk to their guardian angel as if they were talking with a trusted friend. They may express anything from fears and worries, hopes and dreams, or even just random thoughts or feelings throughout the day.

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It’s also beneficial for children to take time each day or week specifically set aside for praying and connecting with their guardian angel. Having this regular practice helps them build a relationship with their angel over time so they can start recognizing when they are being given signs of guidance and protection in everyday life.

What Are the Best Times for Children to Pray?

Prayer is an important practice for children to learn and have in their lives. It helps them develop a relationship with God and understand their faith better. But when is the best time for children to pray?

The most important thing is that prayer should be regular and consistent. It doesn’t matter when it happens, as long as it does. That being said, there are certain times that are better suited for prayer than others. Here are some of the best times for a child to pray:

  • When they wake up in the morning
  • Before meals
  • At bedtime
  • When they feel overwhelmed or anxious
  • When they make a mistake or do something wrong

These are all great times to encourage your child to take a few moments to pray. It will help them find peace and comfort when they need it most. In addition, it can also help them develop healthier habits and routines that will last them into adulthood.

It’s also important to provide your child with other opportunities throughout the day to pause and talk with God. This could include taking breaks from schoolwork, going on walks outside, or engaging in activities like arts and crafts that can bring joy and relaxation into their life. Allowing your child some quiet time here and there throughout the day can help create an atmosphere of peace in your home as well as give them a much-needed opportunity for reflection.

Finally, it’s important to remember that prayer isn’t just something that happens at designated times of the day. Encourage your child to talk with God whenever they feel like they need guidance or support—the conversation doesn’t have to be formal or structured; simply allowing them space and freedom to express themselves however they’d like is enough!


The guardian angel prayer for kids is a powerful way to bring peace and protection to children. It serves as a reminder to children that they are never alone and that their guardian angel is always looking out for them. Children can also use the prayer to ask for strength, courage, and guidance in times of trouble.

Ultimately, the guardian angel prayer can provide comfort and strength to children. It can be a tool to help them recognize the presence of their guardian angel and trust in divine protection. The prayer can help children know that even in times of darkness, their angel is close by.

By praying this powerful prayer, children can feel safe, secure, and loved, knowing their guardian angel will always be there for them.


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