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Easter is a time of joy and celebration! It is a time to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. As we come together to celebrate, it is important to remember to take time for prayer. Praying helps us remember that Easter is more than just a fun holiday; it’s a time to reflect on our faith and thank God for His love and mercy. Kids can join in on the prayerful celebration by participating in some special Easter prayers. Here are some ideas for kids’ Easter prayers that you can use with your family this season.Easter is a time for celebration and reflection, and one way to do that is through prayer. A traditional Easter prayer for kids might include asking for God’s blessing on the holiday, thanking Him for His gift of salvation, and praying for those in need. It could also include asking God to help us live our lives according to His will and showing gratitude for our families, friends, and loved ones. Ultimately, an Easter prayer is an expression of faith and hope in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

How to Pray for Kids on Easter?

Easter is a special time of year for Christians, when we remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a time to pray for our children and the world around them. Here are some tips on how to pray for kids on Easter:

1. Pray for their Spiritual Growth: Pray that your children will grow in their faith and come to know Jesus more deeply. Pray that they will seek God’s will in their lives, stay grounded in His Word, and have an ever-growing relationship with Him.

2. Pray for their Physical Health: Pray that your kids will be healthy and safe from harm. Ask God to give them strength and protection every day, as well as peace of mind when they are worried or anxious about anything.

3. Pray for their Relationships: Pray that your children will form strong, lasting relationships with family members, friends, teachers, coaches, and mentors who will help them grow in wisdom and understanding. Ask God to give them the courage to reach out to others and build meaningful connections with those around them.

4. Pray for their Future: Finally, pray that God will lead them into a future that is full of hope and purpose. Ask Him to give them direction as they make decisions about college, career paths, marriage, or any other major life decisions they may face.

Praying for our kids on Easter is an important way to show them our love and commitment as parents or guardians while seeking God’s guidance in their lives. May we all take this opportunity to lift our children up in prayer!

Praying with Kids on Easter

Praying with children on Easter is a meaningful and rewarding experience. It can help bring families closer together, deepen faith, and create lasting memories. Praying with kids on Easter can help them learn more about the Bible, practice their faith, and feel connected to God. Here are some of the benefits of praying with kids on Easter:

Teaching Biblical Lessons: Praying with kids on Easter is a great opportunity to teach them about Jesus’s resurrection and the meaning behind it. Through prayer, parents can explain important Christian values like love, forgiveness, and grace in an engaging way that helps children understand them better.

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Building Family Connections: Praying together as a family creates strong bonds by sharing faith-based experiences with each other. Through prayer, families can express gratitude for one another and foster deeper relationships through meaningful conversations.

Creating Lasting Memories: Praying with kids on Easter creates special moments that will stay with them for years to come. By focusing on spiritual moments of their childhoods, children will be able to look back fondly at their time spent praying as a family.

For parents looking to deepen their child’s spiritual journey this Easter season, praying together is an ideal way to do so. Not only does it help families grow closer together but also provides lasting memories for children that will stay with them forever.

How to Make Easter Prayer Fun for Kids?

Easter marks the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death and is an important event in the Christian calendar. To make Easter prayer fun for kids, it’s important to find ways to get them involved in the celebration. Here are some tips on how to make Easter prayer more enjoyable for kids:

Encourage Storytelling: Stories can be a great way to teach children about the meaning of Easter and why it’s important. Ask kids to tell stories about Jesus or read stories from the Bible together. This can be a fun way to explore faith while also teaching kids about the traditions of Easter.

Include Music: Music is often used as part of religious services, so why not use it during Easter prayer too? Play some traditional hymns or gospel songs that have spiritual meanings and help bring families closer together during this special time.

Make It Interactive: Kids will be more likely to engage in prayer if they are actively involved in it. Try incorporating activities such as coloring pages, counting beads, or making paper crosses into your Easter prayers. This will help keep their attention and make them feel like they are part of what is happening.

Pray Together: It’s important for kids to understand that prayer is something that happens together as a family or community. Encourage everyone present at your gathering, young and old alike, to take part in praying together. This will help create a sense of unity and allow children to see the importance of shared prayer.

By following these tips, you can make Easter prayer fun and enjoyable for kids while also helping them learn more about their faith and its traditions.

Examples of Easter Prayers for Kids

Easter is a special time of the year for children to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to learn about faith and prayer. To help them become familiar with prayer and its importance, here are some examples of Easter prayers that can be shared with children.

The Lord’s Prayer is a classic choice for an Easter prayer for kids: “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, Amen.”

Another meaningful Easter prayer for kids is: “Dear God, thank you for your son Jesus who died so that we may live with you forever. Help us to remember his sacrifice this Easter season and to live our lives in honor of him. Amen.”

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This Easter prayer is especially appropriate for younger children: “Dear God, thank you for sending us your son Jesus so that we may have eternal life with you in Heaven one day. Please help us to remember his love and grace this Easter season and always strive to do what is right in your eyes. Amen.”

This simple yet powerful prayer can be shared with all ages: “Heavenly Father, thank you for your gift of love through your son Jesus Christ on Easter morning. May we remember his sacrifice this season and share our joy with others in need around the world through acts of kindness and compassion. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

Finally, here’s an inspiring prayer appropriate for older kids: “Almighty God, thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die on the cross so that we may have eternal life with you in Heaven one day. Help us to remember his great love this Easter morning by living each day full of hope and joy as a reminder of what He has done for us all those years ago! Amen!”

Does Age Matter When It Comes to Praying with Kids on Easter?

Easter is a special time of the year for many Christians, and it’s a great opportunity to teach children about faith. Praying with kids on Easter can be an important part of that. But does age matter when it comes to praying with kids?

The answer is yes, although not in the way you might think. It’s not a matter of age so much as a matter of maturity and understanding. For very young children, prayer can be more about spending time together as a family and creating good habits than it is about teaching specific concepts or beliefs.

At this age, parents can encourage their children to learn more about faith by talking to them about prayer. They can explain what prayer is and why people pray, and they can help them understand how prayer can help them feel closer to God.

As children get older, they will naturally become more interested in learning about prayer and religious concepts. Parents can then start teaching more detailed lessons about faith, such as the meaning behind different prayers or the importance of being thankful for blessings in life.
At this stage, parents should also try to teach their children how to pray on their own in meaningful ways that reflect their own beliefs.

Ultimately, age isn’t the most important factor when it comes to praying with kids on Easter; rather, it’s important for parents to recognize where their children are developmentally and adjust their approach accordingly. With patience and understanding, parents can help their children learn more about faith and develop meaningful relationships with God through prayer.Easter Prayers for Kids.

A Blessing of Gratitude

As Easter approaches, it is a time to appreciate the blessings we have in life. We can take a moment to thank God for all that we have and pray for those who may not have as much as us. A simple blessing of gratitude can be said before the meal or at the end of the day as a reminder of how blessed we are. It could be something like:
“Thank you God for this wonderful day and all the blessings you have given us, Amen.”

A Prayer for Strength

Easter is also about hope and faith. We can pray for strength in our lives, so that even when times get tough, our faith will remain strong. A prayer for strength could sound something like:
“Dear Heavenly Father, grant me strength in my journey through life so I can remain faithful to you no matter what happens. Give me courage to face any challenges that may arise and help me stay focused on You at all times, Amen.”

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

It is important to remember to be thankful for all that we have during Easter time. A prayer of thanksgiving could sound something like:
“Dear Lord, thank you for your never ending love and mercy throughout my life. I am grateful for all your blessings and I know that without you I would not be here today. Thank you for always being there with open arms, Amen.”

A Prayer of Joy

Easter is a time of joy and celebration! Praying for joy can help bring peace and happiness into our lives. A prayer of joy could be something like:
“Lord, thank you for filling my heart with joy on this special day! May your love continue to fill me throughout the year so I can share it with others around me! Help me find happiness in every moment I have with You, Amen.”

Teaching Children About Easter Prayer

Prayer is an important part of Easter celebrations, and it is essential to teach children about the importance of prayer at this special time. Parents and teachers can use a few simple tips to help explain the concept of prayer to children. The first step is to explain what prayer is and why it is important. Explain that prayer is a way for us to talk with God and thank Him for all He has done for us. Emphasize that prayer is not just a list of requests, but a way to show our gratitude and love for God.

When teaching children how to pray, encourage them to make the prayer their own. Encourage them to use their own words, speak from the heart, and express any thoughts or feelings they have about the holiday season. It is also helpful to provide examples of prayers that can be used as a starting point. If possible, read some passages from the Bible that are related to Easter. This will help provide children with additional context on the importance of prayer during this special season.

Finally, involve children in family prayers during Easter celebrations. Have everyone gather together and join in praying aloud together or take turns reciting prayers that everyone can say together. Encourage children to participate in family prayers by providing them with an opportunity to lead the prayer or contribute their own thoughts and reflections on what they have learned about prayer during Easter celebrations.

By using these tips, parents and teachers can help ensure that children understand the significance of Easter prayer and gain an appreciation for its importance in their lives.


Easter prayer is a powerful way to express our faith and gratitude to the Lord. It is important for children to learn how to pray and how to express their feelings. Easter prayer can help children to be more aware of their own faith and help them to be more grateful in life. It can also open up conversations about God, Jesus, and the importance of prayer in our lives.

We hope these Easter prayers for kids will help them as they grow up in their faith. Parents, teachers, and other adults should take the time to teach children about the power of prayer and model it for them too. We also hope that these prayers will bring peace, joy, and love into your family’s life this Easter season.

God bless you all as you celebrate Easter with your family!


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